Courtney and I met a long time ago. We sang in the church choir together back in Florida, and she graciously gave up her room as a recording studio while her brother recorded a demo cd for me in high school.

We both ended up in Nashville after graduating. She married a musician (you might have heard of him) and we both ended up being pregnant around the same time with our boys. When the twins were about 3 months old, I reached out to her via social media to see if, like me she was going crazy and wanted to hang…and she did!

We both ended up pregnant together again the second time, AGAIN with boys. We have tried to get them together for playdates when we can and we regularly have long online conversations about baby gear. I SO SO cherish her friendship and having someone who knows EXACTLY what I am going through at any given time.

I was super honored to be able to take some family photos for her so hopefully she can remember how amazing this season is forever.