Imagine you are going clothes shopping, and you arrive at the store only to find out that there are only two sizes for sale: Extra-Small and XXL. Or imagine you are going to look for a new car, but the dealership only sells Smart Cars and Cadillac Escalades.

There should be a wide range of sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

Because One Size Does Not Fit All | Nashville Photography Session Pricing

There shouldn’t JUST be mini and full portrait sessions. Everyone’s portrait needs are different. The amount of film I shoot at every session is different, the amount of time each session takes is different, and every client’s style and expectations are different.

So from now on we are going to try something new.

It will start with you filling out a short questionnaire about what you are looking for. How many images you hope to end up with, ideally how long your session would take, what YOUR ideas are for location and style, and what days are best for you. Then, we will go from there to create a custom portrait package just for you based on Leanne Vice Photography’s current pricing, scaled to fit you and your needs.

Whether you just need 1 image for a business headshot, or you want a 6 hour documentary style, day-in-the-life family session. Whether you want digitals or just one good large wall print. Your session will be sized to fit perfectly. All. Year. Long.

It is my hope that this approach to portrait pricing will mean more opportunities for more people to have professional quality photos. I am SUPER excited about this and I hope you are too!


Let’s DO this! Click here to fill out the questionnaire and get started on a session that is neither too big nor too small. Let’s make your session just right.

Because One Size Does Not Fit All | Nashville Photography Session Pricing